Easiest Platinum Game Removed from PlayStation Store

1000 Top Rated would have used this hook to advertise a web page.

Since its implementation in the last generation of consoles, obtaining a large number of achievements and trophies has become an attraction among a certain sector of players. Called in English, and in the case of PS4, "trophy hunters", these users received this week the launch of a video game under the claim of having "the fastest platinum in the world". An attribute not to the liking of Sony, which according to various media, would have caused its removal from the PlayStation Store.

The name of the proposal is, or was, 1000 Top Rated and had under his belt a total of 14 silver challenges and another seven gold, requiring an investment of 20 minutes of time to achieve all. The video game also had a reduced price of $ 0.98. However, they expose from the British portal Eurogamer, the problem would have come to be focused more on being an advertising vehicle for a Facebook page selling themes and avatars of Japanese hardware.