Game temporarily removed from Steam for stealing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 materials

The employee responsible for the plagiarism has been fired from Trek Industries, the game in question is Orion.

The operation took place at the beginning of this week, but it was not until this morning that we had evidence of it. The videogame Orion has been temporarily withdrawn from Steam, In fact, it has already been available again in Early Access format, due to a plagiarism of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 materials.

David Prassel has acted as spokesman for the company to ensure that the person responsible for the unauthorized copying has already been fired from Trek Industries, but not before replacing the materials with others that have allowed the title to be available again on Valve's digital platform.

"Last night we received evidence directly from Activision as for materials still not even shown in public. After receiving this, it became clear that they had been stolen. Although the artist has offered to replace them, he has been fired with immediate effect, "stated the vocal." This will affect production. "

As Prassel explained, these kinds of things sometimes happen because the studio works with developers from different parts of the world who work in different time slots, and that causes these things. According to him, he cannot review all weapons design work, for example with all video games in the world: "I don't test other titles, I'm focused on ours 100% of the time.

Orion himself, remember, it is not the first time that he has suffered problems of this type since they already had to apologize in the past for improper use of materials from games such as Natural Selection 2, Primal Carnage or even Counter-Strike.

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