Rumors of a PlayStation 4 with 4K resolution resurface

It would respond to the name of PS4K and would already be in the prototype phase.

The guys from Digital Foundry, a team specialized in the ins and outs of the technological performance of video games, have given a new boost to the rumor that we rescued last week on the part of the Kotaku portal. According to both, Sony I would be working on a PlayStation 4 with resolution 4K.

As they explain the rumor "is real", and would already be in the prototype phase under the name of PS4K, being able to play multimedia content and, of course, video games under the standard of this type of resolution.

The new game console would include a more powerful GPU that would run on a modified and improved version of the APU technology from AMD that is used in the current model of the machine, and that could go from having a 28 nanometer chip to a 14 or 16 nm one.