Respawn: "I'd be surprised to see native 4K triple-A games on PlayStation 4 Pro soon"

The developers of Titanfall 2 have confirmed the compatibility of their game with the new Sony console.

In an interesting magazine with the Stevivor medium, the executive producer of Titanfall 2, Drew McCoy has talked about PlayStation 4 Pro, the new game, and the native 4K resolution that seems to throw every major developer in the industry on their heads. McCoy has been blunt in his statement: "Titanfall 2 is not native to 4K, and I would be surprised to see triple A games with native 4K in PlayStation 4 Pro soon. It takes a lot of processor power, the GPU needed to move games like this to 4K is incredible. native people".

It seems clear that the company, currently Electronic arts, prioritizes the stability of the frames per second to the resolution, but does not seem very convinced that her colleagues from other development companies will be able to offer 4K resolution in the most important developments on the market: "It's a faster PlayStation 4. We are able to increase the resolution, have high resolution shadows, more particles and a more stable frame rate; we have dynamic resolution on all platforms, in order to maintain 60FPS. Dynamic resolution is lower on PS4 Pro. "

He assures that the optimization work for PS4 Pro has been easier due to "the PC version", but he specifies that he has worked on "making sure that everything looks good on PS4 Pro: see that nothing looks bad on any of the cases ". He also says that "we definitely wanted to be on the PlayStation 4 Pro. When you make a triple A game you want to be seen as a triple A game, and what big budget game is not going to be on the PlayStation 4 Pro?" he wondered. He acknowledges that nothing could be shown in the console presentation "because I did not have anything ready to teach then."

Titanfall 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next Friday, October 28.