Resident Evil 2 will have two different versions in Japan

A usual Capcom procedure for the violence of the franchise.

As already happened with Resident Evil 7 and other violent video games that are released in Japan, companies are forced to make the decision to release the work in two different versions: one recommended for people over 17 years of age (ZERO D) and another for adults (ZERO Z). Although with the little that has been shown of the game it is difficult to know the differences between one version and another, it is foreseeable that the most violent scenes will be edited for ZERO D.

CERO responds to the acronym of Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, the organization that is in charge of rating games by age in Japan. The restrictions to become a category Z game could torpedo the sales of video games that are launched in Japan with this recommendation, hence the option to launch an edited version to broaden the spectrum of users that can be made with the work.