Remedy believes that the first Halo or Alan Wake would fall short today

"You have to add many layers to the experience," defend the creators of Alan Wake.

The boys of Remedy, fathers of the Max Payne series and games like Alan Wake, have spoken publicly about the way they work with Control. Their new project, a video game for which they are looking for something more sophisticated than their previous works have been.

If we look back and look at our previous games, Alan Wake had Flashlight, and that's all it brought; With Quantum Break, we went one step further with time mechanics... but there was also a limit to how far we could go, "stated Remedy director Mikael Kasurinen." Essentially, there are no limits in control'.

"We do not say that it is just a matter of time, or of lights and shadows. On the contrary, what we are talking about is opening possibilities. It is something that allows us to maneuver and find what is fun without being limited by the context that we Let's fix it. We like strong themes. Saying, "Okay, this all has to revolve around bullet time or light," are concepts that help us focus on the game, which is always healthy and good; but perhaps it also comes from a time and a way of doing things that were totally different. "

"It was a common philosophy among developers in the early 2000s: perfecting that playable 30 second loop. Like what the Halo series did: perfect that loop, make the headshots feel good, and then repeat that non-stop, "says the director in an interview with the official Xbox magazine." It was a common strategy and a good strategy, but I no longer think it is enough today. You have to have that, of course, but then you have to have other layers for the experience: progression, strong characters, an interesting world to explore. "

"All this will cause that even when people are not playing our title, they keep thinking about him. What will I do when I come home and play Control? Will I face a side mission? It is a very different time for videogames, it seems to me. Our philosophy regarding game design must also change, so it cannot just be fighting with the light as happened with Alan Wake, it has to be more than that and that is what we are doing with Control".

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