The craziest and funniest taxi game is back

Sega announces Craxy Taxi: Fare Wars, for PSP.

When we thought that the crazy and funny taxi drivers of Crazy Taxi had already retired, now it turns out that they have not, of that, since today Sega has announced the exclusive development for PSP of Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars.

Starting this summer, users will be able to relive all the action and excitement of the original Dreamcast games, Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2, in a version for the Sony laptop, which will include a host of new features to the original Crazy Taxi. including, for the first time, multiplayer modes that will allow two users to cooperate or go head-to-head.

In Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, we'll drive through the two original Crazy Taxi maps, the arcade map and the original Dreamcast map, both inspired by the winding city of San Francisco - including its outstanding features and streetcars. In addition, we will find the Small Apple maps from Crazy Taxi 2, inspired by the circulatory chaos surrounded by skyscrapers that is New York, including the famous Central Park and the city's subway system.

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars offers aspiring taxi drivers several single-player challenges, including Arcade Mode missions, in which we must show our driving skills to get extra time, or Time Attack Mode, which challenges us to raise all the money we can in the designated time. In addition, for those who want to perfect the art of driving like a maniac, two tutorials are available in the form of mini-games - including Crazy Box, 16 original Crazy Taxi mini-games and Crazy Pyramid, mini-games of pyramid development in those that we have to pass each test to unlock new ones, and that appeared for the first time in Crazy Taxi 2. In addition, we can record our prowess at the wheel on the memory card and show them off later.

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