Red Dead Redemption sells 6,000% more after confirming its backward compatibility with Xbox One

After many comings and goings, the Rockstar game is now compatible with the Microsoft console.

Rockstar confirmed yesterday the arrival of Red Dead Redemption to backward compatibility of Xbox One. The version of Xbox 360 will be playable on the current generation platform of Microsoft in any of its versions: the original, the Game of the Year or Undead Nightmare. Sales on Amazon of the 360 ​​version after the announcement was made have risen by 6,329%.

According to the American portal Gamespot, the improvement has been accompanied by the edition of the game of the year, which has also risen by a considerable 1,877%. Your backward compatibility begins next Friday, July 8 and Microsoft has taken advantage of the confirmation to make a significant reduction to the software, which can now be yours for 7.49 euros if you are a member of Gold.

The original Red Dead Redemption was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 more than six years ago. It is one of the most beloved video games of the past generation.

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