Rebellion, creators of Sniper Elite, very optimistic about the launch of PlayStation VR

"Hopefully it helps turn this technology into something massive."

Jason Kingsley, who has a dual role in Rebellion As creative director and CEO of the studio, he has spoken publicly in statements collected by the VRFocus portal about PlayStation VR and its price announced last night.

"As expected the virtual reality is a dominant theme at this year's GDC. Today we had the long-awaited announcement of the PS VR release date and, hopefully, that helps make sure these types of experiences are on everyone's home wish list this Christmas, "stated Kingsley .

"With 40 million consoles ready for virtual reality, hopefully it will help make this technology massive especially with the low price for hardware," he said. "After working with Sony for a long time with Battlezone, we are all very interested in hearing from consumers about our efforts."

Rebellion, remember, works in the Battlezone itself, which presented its campaign yesterday.