One of the first monsters seen in Bloodborne reappears

This creature, hidden in the dungeons of the Chalice, was introduced in 2014.

During the PlayStation Experience 2014 the creator of Dark Souls showed a spectacular video sequence of his, at that time, promising Bloodborne for PS4, in which he faced a fearsome creature equipped with two swords, one of it engulfed in flames, but after the launch of the video game This monster was never heard from again ... until now, it has reappeared in the random dungeons of the Chalice.

A group of users on Reddit, led by KolbrotKommander, have had a run-in with this monster called the Flaming Undead Giant. It is believed to be the first time that it has appeared since that Sony event in which Hidetaka Miyazaki himself faced the creature, but it is possible that the monster has appeared in other players' games without them giving it greater importance.

The most interesting thing about the matter is that, if you want to measure your forces against the monster, you can do it using the code pa6ssc6u, which gives you access to this special dungeon.