Rainbow Six: Siege rules out a battle-royale mode

The community manager of the video game dismisses the idea as "absurd".

Recently in 3DJuegos we collected five video games that could have a battle-royale mode. Among those proposals was not Rainbow Six: Siege, but given its multiplayer component and the richness of its community, more than one came to imagine a possible adaptation of the popular game mode. Not so in Ubisoft, who in the mouth of one of his community managers called such an absurd idea.

"Battle-royale in Rainbow Six Siege? This is fucking absurd," wrote Craig Robinson on his Twitter account. The launch of Ubisoft, despite being released in 2015, has been experiencing a large increase in its number of users in recent months. So much so that Rainbow Six Siege surpassed its maximum simultaneous players in early March, following the premiere of Operation Chimera and the cooperative event Outbreak.