Raiders of the Broken Planet is renewed with its third premium campaign

The Betrayal of Hades "radically" changes the video game on Mercury Steam.

MercurySteam has confirmed the premiere of its third Premium campaign: The Betrayal of Hades. It can be accessed for 9.99 euros and gives access to four new missions, a new exclusive character and a complete redesign of the progression and rewards system that, according to the developer herself, changes "radically" the way of playing the game. Title.

Director of Raiders of the Broken Planet, Enric Alvarez, has ensured that "the Raiders of the Broken Planet team has invested hundreds of hours reviewing the game data and listening to the advice of the fans, and all the changes that have been implemented in the game are directly influenced by that feedback".

Álvarez guarantees that "bringing all those changes to the game while working on what is arguably the most ambitious campaign to date has been a monumental undertaking, but the team has outdone itself. Raiders of the Broken Planet en a very different proposition to the game we released a year ago, and a much better game at the end. "

The player will face the Hades Division military organization, led by General Krausher. Ayana, one of its members, must join the Raiders in order to defeat Krausher's armed forces, ready to do anything to put the protagonists in check.