RAGE 2 will be a uniquely individual experience

Mind you, Avalanche and id Software promise plenty of free and paid post-launch content.

Many already assumed that RAGE 2 would be a character-only video game singleplayer, however we still did not have official confirmation of this. Now it's been your own id Software, the creator of the original RAGE, who has released it.

Tim Willits, in an interview with the AusGamers portal, wanted to make it clear in a very blunt way. "It is an individual game. We feel that we offer many hours of gameplay in exchange for the cost of the title but, in addition, we also want to offer a longer lifespan. We will prepare a lot of free and paid downloadable content, and we have many things for the community prepared so you will feel that you are part of a group ".

Willits assured that "later" they will talk about all these details, but he wanted to make it clear that they will always be focused on the individual experience for this title, thus denying some rumors that suggested that the program could have an online part. Mainly because Avalanche Studios is recruiting for multiplayer.

The second part of the post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter saga goes on sale at the beginning of 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, although the possibility of bringing it to Switch is not ruled out.

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