Who is in charge of Anthem?

BioWare reveals how many ringleaders work in the game.

One of the very few things the entire internet seems to agree on is that Anthem still needed major development efforts after hitting stores. BioWare acknowledged that there is still time until Anthem is a great game, so one assumes that internally there must be a lot of hustle and bustle within the studio. However, last week there were three key pieces of the Anthem team that switched projects: Jonathan Warner, chief director; Michael Gamble, chief producer; and Mark Darrah, executive producer. The former will eventually return, the others will focus on Dragon Age 4. Who is in charge of Anthem?

Luckily, it seems that not the entire team has left Anthem, and BioWare reserves a management team to manage the future of the game. Answering questions from a follower, Michael Gamble explains that Ben Irving, chief producer, is now in charge; and Chad Robertson, Chief of Post Launch Service.

In order to better direct the development of the game, BioWare announced a few weeks ago that they would freeze the post-launch support plan until they have improved design aspects that should be working correctly as a basis for what comes next. As a result, we still do not have a date for the arrival of much-anticipated new content such as storms, for example.

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