What does the Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience include? Criterion offers us some clues

The only thing that has been played so far is a virtual reality experience with the X-Wings, but there will be much more.

It seems that the goal of Criterion in collaboration with HE SAYS to take to Battlefront to virtual reality happens to delight fans of the franchise of George Lucas and Disney. Although we were able to get a taste of a first preview of Star Wars: Battlefront VR Experience in the Gamescom, the game aims to go much further. A representative of Criterion has confirmed it to 3DJuegos, Jeff seamster.

He assured us that "what you have played today is a small part of the content. As the launch approaches you will see new content and elements that are connected to each other within the history of the experience itself. It is a longer game, of course, no it will remain in the 15 minutes that the ships have been played here. You can expect things like what you saw in the white chamber watching the X-Wing. "

The white chamber It is a place where we have access to some Star Wars vehicles that we can examine in depth. For example, we saw one with an X-Wing in which we could analyze the operation of the different buttons in the cockpit or be able to see to the millimeter some of the details of the mythical rebel warship. No new units have been specified that will be visible like this.

Unfortunately, he did not want to talk to us about the duration of the virtual reality experience and limited himself to saying that it would depend on each user: "There is no specific duration. The first experience lasted 15 minutes, but that does not mean that other players can get more content. We're here to make the childhood dreams of many gamers and fans of the Star Wars universe come true. "

Regarding his participation in the Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience project, he acknowledged that "it may not be what many people expected of us. That is why we got involved in part: we like Star Wars, the world that DICE has made with their Battlefront, and when they gave us the opportunity we did not hesitate to embark on the project. "