What is the Revenge mechanic in Fallout 76?

Bethesda guarantees that the video game is not limited to being a "mere PvP experience".

One of the video games that presented the most interesting news at E3 2018 has been the long-awaited Fallout 76.A title that breaks so much with the legacy of the Fallout saga that it is still difficult for fans to understand what the proposal is about.

"I think some people are getting it, and other people are not getting it at all," Pete Hines said in an interview with magazine Variety. "They think it's a Pvp direct, one where you go around running and shooting guys that you can't play for yourself. They are judging it by what other games that carry the word 'online' or 'post-apocalyptic' have been offering in the past. "

"The theme of Fallout 76 is that you emerge into a world that is a blank canvas. Your job is to rebuild the world and all that it stands for," Hines said. "Your job is rebuild the world And all that it means If you want to be a nomad who never takes root, you can be, you will find workshops, you can trade or not ... It all depends on you. Don't want to build? Do you just want to team up with your friends? You can also do it. "

In addition, and already going into detail about the mechanics that are included in the most purely competitive part, he also explained what the operation of the machine consists of. Revenge. "You have to make it clear that this is not a PVP where, when you enter the world, everyone shoots everyone. It's more a matter of challenging other players. You can't let everything run without restrictions, of course. For example, if they kill you, they don't steal absolutely everything you're wearing, and there is also a revenge mechanic that allows you to go face-to-face with the person who killed you. "

Bethesda's new project, the fathers of The Elder Scrolls saga, goes on sale on November 14 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Remember that in 3D Games You can find out more details about the title by taking a look at our impressions with Fallout 76.