Quantic Dream explains why he chose Detroit for his new video game

"After the auto industry left the city, the city collapsed. We took all of that for the game."

Adam Williams is the main scriptwriter of Detroit: Become Human, and he has spoken with the GameReactor portal about why they chose the city of Detroit to set the new video game of Quantic Dream.

"We chose Detroit because it was once the capital of the automobile industry and Ford Motors. During America's First Industrial Revolution, Detroit became one of the major capitals of the country because most cars were built there, "Williams said." After the auto industry left the city, the city collapsed. and the large areas of the factories were left empty. "

"We have taken all that for the game. Here, Cyber-Life, the company that manufactures the androids, chooses Detroit to settle. And then, as with the automobile industry in the past, the city begins to emerge and becomes the center of the Second Industrial Revolution both in the United States and throughout the world. "

Detroit: Become Human, let's remember, is one of the powerful PS4 exclusives for next year 2018, although it still does not have a firm release date within the next twelve months.