Quantic Dream, creators of Detroit, deny allegations of harassment

In the last hours, the studio led by David Cage received an alleged lawsuit for inappropriate acts.

In Quantic Dream They registered in the last hours an information of an alleged accusation of harassment, the response by the study that Detroit: Become Human is currently developing has not been long in coming.

David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the two founders of the study, have headed a statement in which they "categorically deny all the accusations" for inappropriate behavior and for an alleged "unhealthy work culture" in their facilities.

The text of the two leaders published in the French newspaper Le Monde. "We have taken these allegations very seriously, something we will always do. We value every person who works with us, and creating a safe environment that allows us to channel our shared passion for making video games is of the utmost importance."

The different accusations that the study creator of games like Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain has been subjected to include those of abuse in the number of hours of work that employees are requested, Cage himself of making sexist jokes and not taking into account the opinions of the women who work in the study, among many other things.

"The accusations are grotesque," argues Cage. "Do you want to talk about homophobia? I have worked with Ellen Page, who fights for LGBT rights. Do you want to talk about racism? I have worked with Jesse Williams, who fights for civil rights in the United States ... Judge me for my work," he claimed .