They publish a video of the canceled Prey 2, from Human Head Studios

It was presented in 2011 with a promising trailer, but Bethesda preferred not to pursue the project.

The canceled Prey 2, from Human Head Studios, has revealed new playable material in a video of almost a minute of duration shared by Andrew Borman, curator of the Museum of Play in Rochester (New York).

As you can see in the video, Prey 2 was already in an advanced stage of development when it was officially canceled. A few years ago, Bethesda explained that the game hadn't lived up to their expectations, and there seemed to be no way to right it.

All in all, the editor seems to have found the way to salvation at the hands of the remarkable Prey (2017), and everything indicates that at the next E3 we will see an expansion or a new video game of the franchise.