Psychonauts will be re-released on PlayStation 4 in June

The official American blog assures that it will be "soon", but not during this week.

An innocent mistake has been valid to confirm the imminent revival of Psychonauts in Playstation 4. It was said that it would arrive in spring 2016 At the time, the official blog has dated it for next June 7 but it has had to retract and withdraw its announcement. Instead, they added an apology: "Psychonauts is coming soon, but not this week."

This is a new game in the PlayStation 2 Classic range for PlayStation 4. One of the artist's most loved and recognized productions Tim schafer in the middle of the last decade. His team has even recently managed to fund a sequel through crowdfunding. The original work premiered in the territory of Pc, the first Xbox Y Playstation 2 with relative success.

Our colleague Alberto Pastor dedicated an article to him a few months ago. Of the software he assured that "its staging, its plot and the way of telling the story what differentiated it from the rest. Few works are as original and imaginative as Psychonauts, which also played very well in that double line through which they move also Pixar movies. "