PS4 will have a new remote control for multimedia content

No release date or price has been specified for now. Elegant and intuitive.

The offer of multimedia material in Playstation 4 has only increased since the launch of the platform itself in November 2013. Therefore, and knowing that there are a large number of users who use the Sony Also as an online content player, PDP company, specializing in accessories for consoles, prepares the launch of a new remote control for the Japanese system.

Unlike other controls released for the Sony, some of them developed by the own PDP, offers simpler, more intuitive control and a more elegant design. It allows the control of all the elements and applications of PlayStation 4 and is expected at a price that will be around between 25 and 30 euros. Its premiere in Spain has not yet been finalized by PDP or Sony, but its landing would not be unreasonable.

His arrival in the United States has been dated for mid-July.