PS4 dresses up in Star Wars to celebrate the launch of Battlefront 2

Sony presents two limited editions of the console with themes typical of the DICE video game.

One month after the release of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Sony has presented two limited editions of PlayStation 4 that will accompany the video game of HE SAYS when it hits stores on November 17.

The first of these consoles is a model of PS4 Pro customized with a mirror finish, including a matching wireless controller and a physical copy of the Elite Soldier Deluxe Edition of this highly anticipated action video game set in the Star Wars universe. This machine is decorated with the iconic emblems of the Galactic Empire and the Resistance, in addition to including the insignia of the Inferno Squad, the group of soldiers that appear in the Campaign Mode of Battlefront 2.

The second limited edition model is a 1TB gray PS4 with the three emblems on the cover and the badges and logos on the DualShock 4 wireless controller. On the other hand, Sony will release several PS4 and PS4 Pro packs that will be accompanied by a copy in physical from the standard edition of Star Wars Battlefront II.