PS4 Pro will hit the market with a collection of new official accessories

The new DualShock 4, a redesigned PS4 camera, headset and vertical platform for Slim.

PlayStation 4 Pro will not reach the market alone: Sony has confirmed a new range of accessories that will also be released with the new console. The first, and already known, is the new DualShock 4, with a new opening in the touchpad, capable of sending data to the console by USB and some unspecified manufacturing improvements. Its price will be 59.99 euros.

The new PlayStation camera, an accessory that promises to be capital in the coming dates (mandatory for PlayStation VR and not included in the pack) has a new cylindrical design, is lighter and will be released for 59.99 euros. The vertical platform will allow PlayStation 4 Slim to be vertical for 20 euros. The only model available for Sony it's transparent.

Finally, the new Platinum helmets, from 179 euros and with departure in December, will allow you to listen to PlayStation 4 with 7.1. Games compatible with 3D audio will be the ones that make the most of the device, which can be used with or without cable, compatible with a microphone and communication with the rest of the players with whom you play. The camera, platform and command arrive on September 15.