PS4 Pro will arrive in Brazil in February at an exorbitant price of 768 euros

The retail price in Brazil will be one of the highest in the world.

As announced by the official PlayStation blog in Brazil, PS44 Pro will arrive in the Rio de Janeiro country on February 19 at a price of 2,999 Brazilian reais (768 euros / 940 dollars), a price much higher than that of the European Community market or the United States (400 euros / 400 dollars).

Brazil suffers from high tariffs for the video game industry, which causes very high sales prices for both hardware and software. The normal version of PlayStation 4 arrived in Brazil in 2013 with an approximate price of 1,500 euros. This means that PS4 Pro will be cheaper at launch than its previous model, but it is still a problem for fans who must pay a high price with this type of product.

This situation also affects other Ibero-American countries such as Argentina, where the console arrived last November at a price slightly higher than 730 euros.