PS4 Introduces Licensed Play Goggles

They run under the Numskull design and are designed for long gaming sessions.

Numskull has designed its own glasses to play with protective glasses, and are officially licensed by Sony PlayStation. As is customary in this type of product, they have an elitist design and are designed to prevent damage to the eyes after long uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Specifically, they reduce ultraviolet radiation on the screen and help prevent eye strain. The glasses, which carry the PlayStation logo on the temples, are supplied together with a bag to carry them and a cloth to clean the lenses, so it is a fairly complete package if you play for long hours or too close to the screen.

For now, they can be purchased in stores in the United Kingdom and the United States, some of them with delivery anywhere in the world. Whether or not it will arrive in Spain is, for now, a mystery.