PS4 Neo and a Slim model will arrive "sooner than we think" according to analysts

It is the most powerful model of PlayStation 4 that Sony has announced, but not yet detailed.

Damian Thong has served as spokesperson for the firm Macquarie Securities to express that this group of analysts maintains that we will see "sooner than we think" a Slim model of PlayStation 4, as well as the expected PlayStation 4 Neo.

In recent times, in fact, it has come to speculate from different sources that the machine, already confirmed by Sony but not detailed in terms of specifications or dates, it would appear before the end of the year. From this team it is defended that both reviews of the game console would be in stores during the Tokyo Game Show September this year or even a few weeks before.

The information has been made public by the prestigious Wall street journal in its latest news, and by following a link you can take a look.