PS4 launches a new interface today thanks to the 4.0 system update

The quick menu has also been redesigned and Folders and Library are introduced among other novelties.

Throughout today PlayStation 4 receives a new update of the system, 4.0, which among other novelties redesign the interface user interface and the quick menu of the console, adding more options to the latter so that "you never have to leave your game and you can customize it to access your most used functions".

From Sony they also report that thanks to the incorporation of Folders and Library, now it will be easier to control our collection of games and applications with custom folders. "They can be added to both the main home screen and the library and can contain as many games and applications as you want," they report on the official PlayStation 4 blog. "You have total freedom to modify, organize or delete them at any time" .

The user profile, and that of friends, also undergoes a facelift by offering more relevant information and "comparisons between the games you have been playing, the trophies you have won and the communities in which you are active".

You can consult the rest of the news in this link, or see the video summary that we attach in this same news.