PS4: Some fans experience issues with update 4.72

The users in question assure that there are incidents related to the online from their application.

Just a few days ago we informed you of the introduction of the update 4.72 in the PS4 firmware, however in the last hours some fans have been accusing a series of problems and incidents in their game console from the moment the revision was applied.

"Does anyone else have an error that shows that they are not online after updating to version 4.72?", Wondered one of the many users who are opening Reddit threads and other social platforms to try to find some kind of solution .

In the absence of Sony is officially pronounced, the truth is that users are looking for improvised solutions such as the one proposed by a PlayStation 4 owner that, apparently and according to some other readers (although not all), has worked. "I had the same problem and the multiplayer did not work in my video games. What has solved for me it has been going to options, PlayStation Network and getting in and out. Then use the option Exit PS4 with my controller and then go back in ".