PS VR: Your good sales help attract the interest of studios

We recently told you that more than two million PlayStation VR devices have been sold.

Last week the device was news PS VR by the announcement by Sony that this year the number of launches for the device will double virtual reality so that the video games that are launched in 2018 close to 300. Now we know new details about it thanks to the translation that the Gematsu portal has made of a piece of news from the Japanese information agency Nikkei.

According to the Japanese company itself, the manufacturer of PS4, the remarkable increase in the number of titles, 80% more than those that were released for PlayStation VR last year, is due to the fact that 2 million units of the game have been sold. peripheral to date. This has attracted companies to "make it easier for them to get interested in participating in the development of virtual reality games."

It should be remembered that in mid-December the Sony applied a significant discount to PS VR that left its price for Christmas at about 350 euros with up to three video games accompanying it.