Soon there will be news about the beta of Dreams, new from the creators of LittleBigPlanet

The Media Molecule team warned long ago that this testing period would start in early 2016.

Months ago they confirmed that at the beginning of 2016 there would be beta for the interesting Dreams of PlayStation 4, the latest madness of the creators of LittleBig Planet, but to date the team of Average Molecule It has not offered any further details on this testing period. All we have is a recent message on Twitter, where the study promises that "soon" there will be news about it.

"We will offer more information about the beta soon! Keep an eye here for the latest news :)", can be read on his Twitter account.

Dreams will put us in the shoes of an imp with the ability to possess the different elements of each dream, which apparently are varied and certainly very imaginative. From Media Molecule they promise that players will have no limits when it comes to interacting with these dream worlds and creating their own gaming experiences.