Project Phoenix delays its launch to early 2018

The JRPG was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2013, but has failed to come through.

They asked for 100,000 dollars, but no one expected in 2013 the problems that Project Phoenix would have after raising more than a million dollars to become a reality. It had a lot of veterans of the genre in Japan, some mythical names in the industry, and it wasn't enough to get it off the ground. Today the company behind the game spoke on Kickstarter, confirming that they hope to launch it. early 2018.

Progress has been made in recent weeks, but development in September 2015, two years after going through the crowdfunding network, hadn't even started. The anger of the users who supported the project is enormous, but at least it seems that the creators still have the intention of taking the project forward. It remains to wait to see their progress in the near future.