Prison Heist, this is the new game mode of Dying Light

Sgt. Deathrow is also incorporated as an enemy in a new free update.

Dying Light continues to expand its offering with extensive post-launch support. From today users can access a new free game mode - baptized as Prison Heist-, a new and imposing enemy and fight for a reward.

Prison Heist is a timed raid into the most isolated part of the fictional town of Harran: Prison Island. Alone or cooperatively, the mission urges the player to reach an armory as soon as possible. Depending on the time marked there will be more or less loot. The dump also brings Old Town back to Sgt. Deathrow, a demolisher rated as big, strong, and unpredictable. Finally, a new community reward begins, available until April 3: Harran Egg Hunt.

Both the game mode and the enemy are part of the Dying Light update program titled "10 in 12". It consists of ten free DLCs that incorporate locations, weapons, enemies, mechanics and story missions, as well as playable improvements and exclusive content for the biggest fans.