Ubisoft Priority: Ending Rainbow Six: Siege Toxicity

They take new measures and promise greater severity with toxic players.

Like many successful games, the popularity of Rainbow Six: Siege has not helped it to have a community free of toxic entities that compromise, in many cases, games with their nefarious and unjustifiable attitude. Ubisoft, however, has not hesitated to confront them with different actions that have tried to put them in check and reduce, as much as possible, their presence in the action game and first-person shooter.

Recently, and as the VG247 portal has shared, Ubisoft has communicated that it intends to apply new actions to continue fighting against toxic players, applying improvements in the short-term chat to follow harmful attitudes in the same or the monitoring of deaths by fire friend in teams. No details have been given about the research areas in the present field in order not to give new ideas to harmful users.

Regarding the chat, they ensure that discriminatory language will be pursued more harshly. From the gala editor it is guaranteed that the frequency of racist or homophobic insults in the chat is being "tracked" to act with greater success. In the event of recidivism, Ubisoft will apply a heavy hand, with punishments that could reach expulsion of 48 hours or permanently depending on the reiteration of the user and the severity of the actions.

The goal of the new chat is to recognize certain offensive words and warn users about their "unacceptable" language in the software. The reiteration in the use of these words could lead to other sanctions.