First details and images of Episode Ardyn from Final Fantasy XV

The latest expansion of the video game launches in March.

Shortly after the Episode Ardyn release date was set, Square enix has offered the first details and images of the last episode of Final Fantasy XV that sets its action 35 years before the events experienced in the main adventure.

This episode, as the name suggests, is starring Ardyn Lucis Caelum, who yearns to culminate his revenge against the Kingdom of Lucis. This will take the character to infiltrate in the city of Insomnia to destroy his enemies ending the peace of the place. During the game we will meet some of the characters from the main video game, obviously younger, as well as others that are completely original.

Among the new additions are the love of Ardyn, the oracle Aera Mils Fleuret, or the scientist Verstael Besithia. In addition to the new story, the video game will give us the opportunity to experiment with new game mechanics such as demonic powers that we will use to transform their enemies and defeat them in wicked ways.

Ardyn may likewise explore freely the stage thanks to his ability to fly from one point to another with the demonic power Shadow Step. With this DLC the story of the last chapter of the Final Fantasy saga will end. In the last hours Square Enix released a Japanese animated short film that allows you to know the details prior to this new story, and that you can find in this news.

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