Predator: Hunting Grounds is new from the authors of Friday the 13th for PS4

Survivors vs. Predator in a multiplayer game, who will win the game?

Since the premiere of his first film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator with Alien he became one of the most fearsome alien creatures in popular culture. Players will now have a chance to fight for their survival once and avoid being hunted in Predator: Hunting Grounds, a multiplayer title created by Illfonic -responsible study of Friday the 13th- for PS4.

In Predator: Hunting Grounds, as detailed by its development team, a group of players will control the members of an elite team armed with state-of-the-art conventional arsenal: from shotguns and submachine guns to sniper rifles and more. For his part, another user may become the Predator, featured by Illfonic as a stealthy, acrobatic killing machine equipped with exotic alien technology like the infamous plasma cannon.

"As the elite team tries to carry out paramilitary missions, such as annihilating the enemy and recovering vital objects, the Predator will come closer with its advanced vision mode to track and ambush its prey," adds the study, also recalling that in their proposals the gameplay comes first.

This "asymmetric multiplayer experience" was presented tonight during Sony's State of Play, and was born out of the close collaboration of Sony and Fox. In its still early stages of development, it has a launch planned for 2020.

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