POSTCARD will come to life on PC and PS4 with a remastering of the original title

The controversial action game Running With Scissors will improve its graphics and incorporate new content.

"POSTCARD Redux is a love letter to our fans." With these words, the founder of Running With Scissors has presented the remastering for PC and PlayStation 4 of this controversial action game that was originally released in 1997. And it will come loaded with news.

Apart from its pertinent update at the graphic level, POSTAL Redux will incorporate new content such as a completely original scenario and the Rampage Mode, which will propose to us to overcome the levels in a more imaginative way than normal by chaining consecutive deaths and creating combos in order to obtain the best possible score.

From the development team, they also promise that POSTAL Redux will keep intact the elements that made the original such a beloved title, including its visual style and the omnipresent demonic voice that will liven up the game.

The game will be released on PC in the spring months, and later it will also launch on PlayStation 4.