Rog Zephyrus G14 laptop, Ryzen 7 3700X processor and many bargain hunting games

One more week we return with our section of outstanding offers and sales.

This week has been opened with the delay of Halo Infinite, until now flagship of the launch of the new Microsoft console; as well as the reassuring announcement of the enormous number of compatible titles that the aforementioned will have during its launch. Apart from this, the extreme mode of The Last of Us 2, or new information about Cyberpunk 2077 They finish the beginning of this week, which is more hectic than, at first, we could expect. In this framework, we return to our Hunting Bargains.

Gamer Accessories Deals

Variety is imposed this week among all the offers on accessories and peripherals. We cannot highlight any specific section or group, since ignoring headphones and desk mice does not repeat any group. These are the offers we are talking about:

  • AOC I2490PXQU monitor for 149.99 euros (Original price 189 euros). It is not a monitor designed to play games, as evidenced by its low refresh rate and its 4 ms of added latency; but this AOC model is a relatively cheap monitor for the good color representation of its panel, as well as for its good level of contrast. If the image is your main concern and the named elements do not bother you, the current offer you have is interesting.
  • Logitech G502 Hero mouse for 63.98 euros (Original price 92.98 euros). This mouse is one of the best known models of the Swedish company, as well as one of the ergonomic mice with a greater number of extras, ranging from additional weights, to buttons configurable via software. The sensor they use is one of the best on the market today and its price, now on sale, places it well ahead of other similar options.
  • Trust Gaming GXT 140 mouse for 32.89 euros (Original price 44.99 euros). Sticking with mice, this Trust Gaming model is one of the few affordable and wireless options within the framework of ergonomic gaming mice. Its shape is very reminiscent, due to its distribution, of the G502 that we have listed above, which, together with a sensor suitable for its range, can make this model attractive to many users.
  • Archeer XL RGB mouse pad for 17.99 euros (Original price 21.89 euros). For all those who crave a carpet with lighting, this offer from the Archeer brand has been interesting for us because of its construction and reduced price, as well as its size.
  • Lenco SB-080BK sound bar for 75.02 euros (Original price 120.39 euros). We have recently published a special on this output peripheral, listing several models. The offer that this Lenco bar currently has makes it a good intermediate option between our first and our second model in said buying guide.

  • Corsair Void Hybrid + Nacon Revolution Pro Controller II headphone combo for 109.99 euros (Original price 160 euros). The Corsair Void are one of the most interesting virtualized 7.1 sound options on the gaming headset market, only failing their price; With the discount they have, and including a controller as versatile as the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller II, this offer is very interesting for those who are looking for both peripherals on PC or PlayStation 4.
  • JBL E35 headphones for 46.61 euros (Original price 69.99 euros). JBL is a well-known brand within the audio industry. Among all its products, wireless speakers and on-ear headphones currently stand out, so this reduction in one of its simplest models has seemed to us of interest to the player who is looking for a lightweight headset, in this format and with good sound.
  • Oculus Go RV helmet for 229.90 euros (Original price 269 euros). Although much more limited than its bigger sister, the Oculus Go is one of the most complete VR experiences for its price, which falls far short of the entire spectrum of these peripherals. We will only have access to the titles of its own virtual store, but it includes some of the most widespread VR games and the possibility of streaming content to the device. We believe that it is an interesting option to have a "first experience" of virtual reality.
  • Gaming Boss chair for 92.70 euros (Original price 175.56 euros). At its original price, we would not recommend this Boss desk chair; but with the reduction it currently has, it remains below the price of many similar models, and the finishes of this are better and more durable.

Offers on components and computers

Processors are the thing this week.We have some discounted new generation Intel models, we understand that to encourage more gamers to jump on the LGA 1200 platform; Outside of these two sales, a model of the current generation of AMD is presented at an attractive price, while one of the most widespread RAM memory currently is with a substantial discount.

  • Intel i7-10700K processor for 381.30 euros (Original price 418.30 euros). Eight Intel cores, sixteen threads with Hyper-Threading and the ability to overclock are the strengths of this i7 that tastes like i9 of the previous generation.

  • Intel i5-10600K processor for 274.90 euros (Original price 304.90 euros). In the same way as our previous reduction, this tenth generation i5 leaves us an aftertaste of the i7 of its previous iteration - specifically the eighth generation - and for this reason we believe that they can be an interesting option for some users; especially if you don't want to jump to the AM4 platform.
  • Ryzen 7 3700X processor for 302 euros (Original price 379.99 euros). From the red team, we get this offer in one of its high-end models of the current generation; offering for just over 300 euros eight cores and sixteen threads with a power per core more than decent for any current task.
  • RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (16 GB 2x8 @ 3200MHz) for 90.99 euros (Original price 161.75 euros). Closing this section, we find an interesting offer from Corsair, which has one of its most popular models of RAM memory modules with a generous offer; also in one of its fastest base models.

Deals on gaming laptops

In the portable market, the new generation processors, both from Intel and AMD, seem to have definitely prevailed among all the ranges, although we still find from time to time some interesting offer with previous generations. This is not one of those occasions:

  • Acer Nitro 5 laptop for 859.99 euros (Original price 1,199.99 euros). High-performance i7 processor for laptops and the latest generation, a good FHD screen with a high refresh rate and a GTX 1650 as the manager of the graphic section are the strengths of this popular Acer model, which has now been renewed for the new generation of portable processors.

  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop for 1,199 euros (Original price 1,290 euros). With AMD's new range of laptop processors as the basis for the team, this model was one of the first laptops to use these processors, which stand out for their good level of consumption, performance and price. Added to it is a GTX 1660 Ti for laptop and a 120 Hz panel at FHD resolution that can take advantage of the potential of this team, especially in competitive titles, generally not limited in resources.
  • Asus VivoBook S14 laptop for 599 euros (Original price 799 euros). As the non-gaming equipment that we listed this week, we return to return to an Asus model with the VivoBook S14 for three simple reasons: its new generation hardware, its compact size and its good construction for its price, away from the premium ranges. of ultrabooks but, to some extent, reminiscent of them.

Deals on PS4 games

The PlayStation 4 games on sale this week are marked by the generous and large sales that we currently see in its digital store and that touch titles of all genres and different moments of the life cycle of the console.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake for 46.19 euros (Original price 69.99 euros). Even with its changes and adaptations, FF VII Remake is possibly the most important remake of the Sony console catalog, both for the weight of this saga, and for what this particular title meant for the brand during its original release.
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for 9.99 euros (Original price 19.99 euros). This curious closure to the saga was the final bite after the launch of Uncharted 4 and closes some arcs that were left open in the original title. For the current price, and if you liked the fourth episode of this well-known saga, it can be an interesting discount if you haven't enjoyed it yet.
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence for 14.99 euros (Original price 49.99 euros). The independent court title surprised by its staging, careful story and ability to make us connect with its two protagonists. They currently have a generous offer on the PlayStation virtual store.
  • Kingdom Hearts All-in-One for 32.99 euros (Original price 109.99 euros). The Kingdom Hearts saga is well known by the bulk of our readers, with more than 15 years of titles behind it. In this collection practically all of them have been gathered, in their most complete versions, both for new fans and old followers of the saga.
  • PlayStation Platinum Headset for 144.95 euros (Original price 169.99 euros). A step ahead of the brand's licensed entry-level headphones, the "Platinum" model we list here today is more complete in additional features and packs a richer sound, which is overshadowed by its high price. Perhaps the discount they currently have serves as a claim, by improving their value.

Xbox One game deals

Microsoft continues its good habit of making a good number of weekly offers available to its players in its digital store. What we collect here are some of the ones that have caught our attention the most, either because of the title itself or because of the size of the offer.

  • GreedFall for 12.49 euros (Original price 49.99 euros). The title draws directly from BioWare's works both in format and content, although adapted to current times. A statement that is better understood when you see who is behind this work.
  • DOOM Slayers Collection for 13.49 euros (Original price 29.99 euros). All the main titles of the series until the exit of the revision of 2016; including various extras. A good proposal for fans of the mythical saga, or whoever wants a bit of unbridled action, be it retro or not.
  • Skyrim Special Edition + Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y for 31.99 euros (Original price 79.99 euros). Many of Bethesda's most important titles are still on sale today, including two of its most prolific series: The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, which include in this package their latest numbered titles with all the content available so far.
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition for 41.99 euros (Original price 59.99 euros). The Master Edition of the latest major release in this popular series includes both the original title and its latest expansion; thus becoming the best option to enter, now, in said title.
  • Elite Series 2 + Gears of War 4 controller + 40% discount on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 179.99 euros (Original price 235 euros). The Elite Serires 2 Controller has repeatedly been our favorite premium controller for both its features and compatibility. Its only weak point is its price, which with the inclusion of a free title and a generous discount on the acquisition of Game Pass Ultimate, is slightly amortized.

Deals on games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's hybrid console has some interesting titles on offer in its virtual store, among which we wanted to highlight some reissues and new releases that we think work well on that console.

  • Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection for 22.49 euros (Original price 29.99 euros). Classic Zero titles with a slight facelift brought together in one complete, easy-to-enjoy package. If you are fans of this series within the Megaman saga, this offer will be interesting for you.
  • Catherine: Full Body for 39.99 euros (Original price 49.99 euros). The latest version of this curious Atlus title includes the original story and expands it through new characters and possible outcomes. This offer is a good option for those who enjoyed the original and want to return with more content, or for those who enter this title for the first time.
  • Resident Evil 6 for 14.99 euros (Original price 19.99 euros). Perhaps the launch of this saga more focused on action, as well as the last in this line before the review and "return to the origins" of its seventh installment.
  • She Remembered Caterpillars for 1 euro (Original price 11.99 euros). A beautiful puzzle game based on color and positioning. A relaxed title that will give us a few hours of fun for a ridiculous price with its current offer.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Coral + 90-day subscription + Kirby Clash for 214.95 euros (Original price approximately 260 euros). This set groups the Nintendo console in its portable format and pink color next to the last title of the round character with whom it shares color. It is an offer published on eBay, but distributed by a private Spanish store and with several units available to all interested.

Deals on PC games

This week we once again have the presence of offers from different PC shopping platforms, this being one of its greatest virtues in terms of digital purchases. The offers we are talking about are the following:

  • Prototype Franchise Pack (Steam) for 12.49 euros (Original price 49.99 euros). Although somewhat aged, the two titles in the Prototype series are still fun, as well as an interesting way to see how the genre to which both titles belong has evolved; especially with the current price.
  • A Way Out (Humble Store) for 13.64 euros (Original price 29.99 euros). The title of Josef Fares tries to propose a new way of understanding the cooperative game of a narrative nature; a difficult task that we believe it achieves satisfactorily, although still far from its true potential. For its current price it is a fun and interesting experience, especially if it is enjoyed in company.
  • Fallout 76 (Green Man Gaming) for 17.60 euros (Original price 39.99 euros). Despite its rocky start, Fallout 76 has formed an active and dedicated community of gamers who love the post-apocalyptic North America that characterizes this series. At Green Man Gaming they currently have a very good price, for all those willing to embark on the title at this point.
  • XIII Classic (Fanatical) for 4.01 euros (Original price 5.99 euros). Soon we will have a remake of this classic based on the homonymous comic series. Until then we can enjoy the original at a reduced price, since, thanks to its unique graphic section, it is still just as colorful as it was when it came out.
  • Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice (GOG) for 8.99 euros (Original price 29.99 euros). Ninja Theory's well-known "AA" is a visual, sound and narrative experience that deserves to be played, especially for the price at which it is currently found on GOG.

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