Why did the first Nintendo DS have two screens?

The last directive of Hiroshi Yamauchi, third president of Nintendo, ended in success.

Few historical figures of Nintendo they are as charismatic as their third president, Hiroshi yamauchi. Despite his death in September of 2013, the anecdotes about his command continue to appear thanks to the many workers who were at his orders during the half century in which he presided over the century-old Kyoto company. Thanks to an interesting interview in the British RetroGamer we know that the idea of ​​the two screens it was a guideline of the then former president of the firm.

The no less mythical Satoru Okada has spoken with the publication, who has explained the history of the genesis of the two screens of Nintendo DS shortly after the launch of GameBoy Advance SP. During the realization of the first concepts of the known as IRIS project (Being the fifth generation of Nintendo laptops, the console was represented with the five, as the month of May, the fifth month of the year, represented by the lily, iris in English, in the deck of the Japanese card game hanafuda), the ill-fated and also longed for Satoru Iwata, who was already presiding over the firm, came with an important news: Yamauchi wanted a two-screen laptop.

The objective was to rescue the concept of the multiscreen from the Game and Watch from the eighties, something that the engineers did not like; technology had changed a lot in two decades "and while a second screen in the Game and Watch days allowed us to double the play area, modern screens could be of different sizes to accommodate different play areas. Why separate them by two? ", the manufacturing cost also increased with this guideline. It seems that Okada himself wanted to let Yamauchi know the team's doubts about his wish, but Satoru Iwata urged him to believe in the idea of ​​the veteran businessman, who would get it right again.

Nintendo DS is the best-selling laptop in history, and is one of the most successful video game machines in the industry. Although Nintendo 3DS has achieved excellent numbers around the world, it has been far from the more than 150 million units sold of the original DS. The future of Nintendo hardware is in Switch, which will remove doubts to all users of the world in the middle of this month of January with numerous presentations around the world.