Price PS5 and Xbox Series X, which would be the most reasonable? The 3DJuegos community thinks

3DJuegos launches a new section in which readers have the leading voice.

Now that we know the technical specifications of the Xbox SeriesX and also the characteristics of the PS5, a big question remains to be solved: how much will the next-generation consoles cost? What price will the new Xbox and PlayStation have? At the moment neither company has made an official announcement, but we have long had rumors and speculation about the price of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The great mystery of the new generation: the price of PS5 and Xbox Series X It is striking that in February of this year Sony itself stated that they had not yet decided the price of PS5, while Microsoft is silent. It seems that both companies are waiting for the next move of the rival to adjust the price of your consoles and thus to give a blow of effect between the fans to the world of the video game. Will they have the same price? Will one platform be more expensive than the other? What will it be?

It's obvious, but in this context, fans look for the best possible price. Just a few weeks ago, for example, Mortal Kombat fans asked for affordable prices for the PS5 and the new Xbox in a survey by veteran Ed Boon; taken for granted is the widespread desire of the fans. But ... what would be the best price? Knowing already the enormous technical potential of the new generation consoles, what would be the ideal price?

3DJuegos launches a new section in which you are the absolute protagonists. We suggest you participate in this survey, but also that you leave your comments, which we will use later to collect and show some of the most interesting opinions from the 3DJuegos community. And nothing better than launching with a topic as interesting as the price of new generation consoles.

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