Polyphony Digital: "It is our duty to support VR to grow"

We play GT Sport in Barcelona. What does GT need to get to VR?

The Venture Beat portal interviewed Kazunori yamauchi the last summer. Speaking of virtual reality with the developer, Yamauchi did not hesitate to show his dissatisfaction with the new technology. In 3D Games, thanks to the opportunity we had to interview him in the past Barcelona Games World, we wanted to talk to him about the present technology and Sony's commitment, materialized in PlayStation VR. The Polyphony Digital boss kindly explained to us that the statements made to Venture Beat were misinterpreted, and wanted to explain his point of view on the fledgling technology.

"I think that in the interview that you quote there could have been a kind of misunderstanding in the translation. What I have said about VR technology is that, in the first place, the first appearance and experimental development (which never reached the consumer) dates of 1962 and it was something totally experimental, as I said. It has taken more than 50 years, specifically 55 years, for the technology to reach the consumer. Therefore, VR technology, the present achievement and emergence is something for which we have We must congratulate ourselves and continue to support continuously, since it has taken more than half a century to get here. "

Yamauchi assured us that "from now on it is a product with a long journey to continue improving, therefore, our duty is to continue supporting it so that it continues to grow in the future." Do you think it will be easy or soon to get to enjoy a production like GT Sport in virtual reality? Yamauchi was clear, and quantified that "the resolution would have to be four times higher, in terms of length and width", that "the characteristics of the CPU requires 100 times more than the current one" and, finally, that "what it takes before the image reaches the viewfinder it should be cut to just over half ".