Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon. What version to buy?

We review the differences and content between the two versions of the game so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes as a Pokémon trainer.

The newly released Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, available for Nintendo 3DS from November 17, are an alternative and expanded edition of Pokémon Sun Y Pokémon Moon.

The plot This new version narrates a new line that argues that runs in a new dimension, an Underworld with unpublished creatures and characters to which we are transported through a wormhole. One of the novelties of the history of Ultrasol and Ultraluna is the appearance of the mysterious group Ultra Unit. This team reaches Alola through one of these Ultra Thresholds. You will find different members of Ultra Recon Squad depending on the version you play. In Ultrasol players will run into Darius and Zoe and in Ultraluna with Miria and Siro.

However, as is traditional in the Pokémon saga, there are other differences between these two versions that directly affect the game experience. Each one has its own little peculiarities, which fans will like to buy one version or another. We present you a small content guide to help fans choose the version that is more pleasant to play later.

Day and Night Ultrasol and Ultraluna tell almost the same story with the same protagonists but, as with the original Sun and Moon versions, the two games take place 12 hours apart, one taking place during the day and the other at night. Ultrasol will set the time of your stories according to the internal clock of your console while Ultraluna will subtract 12 hours. It is not, as we say, a novelty, but it is a detail to take into account.

The Pokémon Get all the Badges, the new collectible in the game, will continue to have its rewards although some will be different in each version. Araquanid, Togedemaru, Mimikyu and Kommo-o join in Ultrasol will be Gumshoos and Laurantis while in Ultraluna they will be Raticate from Alola and Salazzle. The exclusive Pokémon will have a defining role in deciding the trainers to acquire one edition or another of the game.

Alola VulpixAlolan Sandshrew
Alola NinetalesAlolan Sandslash

The Ultrathresholds The other great novelty Ultrasol and Ultraluna with respect to Sun and Moon, apart from the story, is the use of the Ultrathresholds. The player will be able to pass through these portals after capturing each of the legendary pokémon of the seven generations. In the case of trios, it will be necessary to have two pokémon to be able to get the third one, so it will be necessary to resort to the exchange with friends to be able to get all of them. Hence, as it happened with the exclusive pokémon, at first it may be more interesting to choose according to the Pokémon that each player likes the most.

Twilight Mane NecrozmaNecrozma Wings of Dawn
Explosive Ultra Beast (Blacephalon)Ultra Beast Blocks (Stakataka)

In any case, these two new editions of Pokémon are a great farewell to the DS franchise, which although they do not represent a revolutionary change compared to the previous versions Sun and Moon, if they complete and improve the experience of these. If you want to know in depth what these two reviews of the game offer at the level of gameplay and experiences, do not hesitate to read the analysis of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon.

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