PlayStation VR distributes 500,000 devices this last quarter

Sony wants more competition to increase the size of the potential audience.

During the last quarter, and according to information provided by the Sony to English-speaking media, more than 500,000 PlayStation VR units have been distributed. The data is relatively good considering the performance of this new market field where they are leaders.

However, from the Japanese company they are not very enthusiastic about this role, expecting a greater degree of competition that will help add more players to the cause. "I'm not really comfortable being the leader in the VR market by a margin like the current one. In such a new technology, it is desirable to see a variety of platforms capable of expanding the audience," said Andrew House, executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PSVR recently launched a savings pack with virtual reality glasses, the compilation of experiences VR Worlds and PS Camera for 399.99 euros.