PlayStation Talents Games Camp: These are the guest studios

They are 17 national indie development teams.

PlayStation Talents Games Camp, an initiative aimed at supporting the indies studies from Spain In various ways, each of the development teams invited to each of its six facilities spread throughout the national geography has presented in a statement. In particular, there are 17 selected, and they will start working from January, and for 10 months, on a video game to be published on PS4.

Madrid - Cultural Factory, Creative Industries Nursery
  • Disembodied (Berlin By Ten): An epicomical action adventure with platforming and puzzle elements, starring the skull of the Lord of the Underworld, Yorick Evergrim, and a nameless skeleton.
  • Echoes VR (Rogue Titan Games): A first-person stealth action game for PlayStation VR set in the deep sea.
  • Massira (Frost Monkey): He proposes a trip with Numi and her grandmother Yara on an adventure for survival and experiences the dreamlike landscapes that hide the eyes of a girl.
  • Tape (BlackChiliGoat Studio): Unravel the mysteries of the past through a very special camera that rewinds past moments.

Seville - La Cartuja. Space The Cube
  • Andrana Project (Muquo Games): Through PlayLink technology, the player will face his friends in a team fight in a world set in 2067, where global warming is no longer a prophecy, but a reality.
  • Inexplicable Deaths In Damipolis Inner Thoughts (Tiesoft): The player will wake up in a mansion where all the guests are lying dead, or maybe not. You will uncover the secrets hidden in a black and white world and experience exclusive content on PlayStation VR.
  • Voodoo: A Handcrafted Aventure (Ayramen Studio): The player will play a small voodoo doll who will have to make his way through different elements that make up an abandoned factory in a beautiful graphic adventure.

Valencia - Shuttle
  • Anyone’s Diary (World Domination Project Study): Virtual reality game starring Anyone, a girl who captures the events that are happening in her life in a particular way in a diary.
  • Become A Legend: Dungeon Quest (Inverge Studios): Roguelike game with platforms and action on knights, dungeons, treasures, dangerous enemies, traps and powerful final bosses.
  • Recurring Nightmare (PrimerFrame Studio): Graphic adventure and survival horror in a platform environment where the player will immerse himself in the story of a cursed family.
  • Melbits (Melbot Studios) - PlayStation Award Winner: Social game for the PlayLink category starring Melbits, little bugs that live on the Internet and can travel between devices. The goal is to safely guide a group of Melbits to the next stage, through coordination and rhythm. Each level will surprise you with new challenges and interactions. In addition to that, players can use the Melbits stored in their user account to play with them in the game.

Bilbao - Beaz Bizkaia
  • Waves Out! (AZ Magnetic Team): It is a competitive local and online multiplayer action game where the objective is to score more goals than the opposite. Each player will first have to physically touch the falling balls to turn them to their color and then get them into any of the four holes on the board.
  • Submersed (Loma Digital): It is a survival horror game that pays homage to the genre classics of horror cinema, but leading the player to face their fears in a realistic environment.

Malaga - University of Malaga, The Green Ray Space
  • Injection Π23 (Abramelin Games): A survival horror in the purest classic style set in a town in Malaga where strange events occur in an endless night.
  • Naukograd (Phoenix Team): It is an adventure full of puzzles and mystery for PlayStation®VR where, Yulia, a 26-year-old photographer, works on a website dedicated to showing abandoned, hidden, mysterious and forbidden places. One day he receives a letter from Russia inviting him to investigate a lost city.
  • Noahmund (Open Study): A role-playing video game with a Japanese aesthetic that brings traditional role-playing board games to the screen. Innovative battle and exploration systems await in this magical adventure.
  • Wizards Tourney (A Bonfire of Souls): It proposes a chaotic competition that will put all the magical talent of the players to the test. At Wizards Tourney you will have to prove yourself to be the cleverest and cunning magician, capable not only of winning, but also of causing others to fail!

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Incube Space
  • Ecrossminton (Daydream Software): It is a sports game based on Crossminton, a racket sport without a net in which players use a shuttle called Speeder to score points by putting it into the opponent's team's court.

The help plan includes a space to work for free, ongoing advice from PlayStation Spain experts (both Spanish and renowned international figures), access to PS4 development kits, communication and marketing support to promote the title of face to its launch, and a campaign in own media valued at more than 100,000 euros.