PlayStation Neo: Sony believes increased graphics power will prevent more PlayStation users from jumping to PC

In the Japanese company they believe that this new game console will be of great help to them.

Andrew House, the head of the PlayStation division, has spoken to the British newspaper The Guardian about PlayStation Neo and what they want to achieve with that game console.

"We thought with her that there was an opportunity to reflect on the traditional life cycle of consoles and, on the 4K technologyAnd we told ourselves that maybe there was an opportunity in the normal lifetime of machines to offer something a little better for a market segment that thinks these kinds of resolutions are important, "House explained.

"Traditionally we have seen that part of the audience tends to gravitate towards high-end computers at some point, and we are talking about people who want higher fidelity and higher graphics performance," he said. "So here we have an extraordinary opportunity to keep them within our ecosystem."