PlayStation Neo: "The deadlines for launching new game consoles have changed"

Of course, from Sony they believe that fans want their consoles to be valid for a "decent" time.

In recent times there is an important controversy in the world of video games by reporting both Sony how Microsoft from the fact that they prepare new, more powerful revisions of their current game consoles. Sony, through Andrew House, one of its top executives, has spoken about it.

"People who invest in a game console want that investment to be valid for a decent period of time," House explained in words collected by the CNBC portal. "That being said, with new versions like PlayStation Neo We recognize that, in some ways as an industry, the pace of launching new consoles has changed. "

"People have become accustomed to a cadence of innovation somewhat different from the past. And the critical thing is to offer consumers different options instead of dictating a specific future that constrains them," the executive made clear.