PlayStation Neo, the supposed PlayStation 4.5, aims to launch in October for $ 399

New documents guarantee that Sony would take measures not to divide its users into two different PS4s.

PlayStation 4K, PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo are some of the names that have received the supposed new PlayStation 4 that seems to be preparing Sony. Although there is no unofficial confirmation by the Japanese company of its existence, there are many sources that insist that the fact is a reality, and the last medium to join these leaks has been the Americans of GiantBomb, who have gone further even offering some technical details of the hypothetical Neo.

To start, the machine will cost 399 dollars according to the data that the medium has received. The objective of the platform is none other than to improve the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 4 that is already on the market, improving the GPU, CPU and RAM. It would go from the eight 1.6 GHz cores to the eight 2.1 Ghz; from the AMD GCN, 18 UC at 800 Mhz would go to an improved AMD GCN, 36 UC at 911 Mhz. The current RAM would also increase its speed: from the current 8 GB GDDR5 at 176 GB / s, it would go to 8 GB GDDR5 at 218 GB / s.

It seems that the video games that are launched on the market from next October should include two game modes: base mode and Neo Mode, which will allow users of the supposed PlayStation 4 Neo to get the most out of their gaming platform. The result will be better stability for the game and a 1080p resolution, although it seems that the machine would be compatible with 4K games, it will be up to the developers to reach that resolution if necessary.

According to GiantBomb documents, the primary goal of Sony it lies in not dividing the user community that it currently has. The current PS4 and the hypothetical PlayStation 4 Neo will share the same PlayStation Network, communities and online experiences. Of course, everything acquired throughout the generation will be compatible with Neo, who will not receive exclusive video games for her. There would be direct orders from Sony towards the developers to prevent the creation of exclusive content for the machine.

The release date would be in October, and all games released as of September must include a day one patch to be able to enjoy the new virtues of the machine at the launch. It is important to remember that Sony has not yet officially ruled on any of the present rumors, so the alleged leaks must be taken appropriately.