PlayStation Move: The peripheral launches a new pack in Australia

It is composed of two controllers with a price of 120 Australian dollars

The launch of PlayStation VR is coming, and with it the convenience or not of acquiring a PlayStation Move controller to access "a better experience." With the peripheral sold out in most stores, Sony has announced the latter in Australia the distribution of a package consisting of two of these drivers.

According to information published in the oceanic country, the device put up for sale is not the same, which would confirm rumors of a redesign of the peripheral published a few weeks ago. Also, it highlights how the price of the pack is 119.95 Australian dollars, when the command (one alone) was launched for 39.99 euros in Spain.

PlayStation Move was released in 2010. Now, and although it will not be necessary to enjoy PlayStation VR video games, the controller is preparing to experience a second chance after having distributed more than 10 million units. Likewise, we remember, the PS3 controls will be compatible with Sony's virtual reality technology.

The PlayStation VR device will arrive on October 13, 2016 to the national market.