PlayStation Spain: "Very happy" with the sales of PS VR and PS4 Pro

We spoke to Sony Interactive Entertainment at Barcelona Games World.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain, according to what its marketing director told us in the Barcelona Games WorldJorge Huguet faces the Christmas campaign with "great enthusiasm and great responsibility: we have many wonderful products". Huguet thinks that PlayStation 4 is going through a sweet time in the market, with capital releases like "FIFA, Call of Duty: WW2, Play Link, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 ...there are a lot of products launching on PlayStation 4, lots of experiences for all kinds of users. "

Regarding sales, we wanted to know the impressions of the company with PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro, two of the most recently launched products. Huguet explained that "We are very happy with the sales of PS VR. It is a product that is being accepted. We have very nice projects with VR with the aim of bringing it even closer to the public. The company is making a big investment with the accessory to level of communication and accessibility ".

He stressed that "we have four or five developed in Spain for virtual reality of a very interesting quality. Going through Tesla, Cool Painter or Be Rock. We are doing very good and different things to get closer to the general public"On PS4 Pro he told us" PlayStation 4 Pro is doing very well: it is selling phenomenally. Responds to an audience looking for more powerful graphics, 4K resolution or HDR. Gran Turismo Sport is the best example. We give gaming experiences to all types of players. "

PlayStation 4 Pro is doing very well: it is selling phenomenally Mario Ballesteros, PlayStation product manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain, also offered us his point of view: "We are looking forward to the christmas campaign. We are giving a lot of support to the industry at Barcelona Games World. We have more gaming stalls, more square meters and new features than last year and precisely what we want is to support the start of the Christmas campaign with GT Sport, a new Uncharted, two new launches of VR, one of the company's top priorities at the hardware and content level. "

Ballesteros guaranteed us that sales of Horizon: Zero Dawn, one of the most important exclusives released by PlayStation 4 in 2017, is also working satisfactorily in the market. We asked him about the success of Crash N'Sane Trilogy, exclusive to the console for now, and stressed that "in terms of PlayStation, fortunately, Crash Bandicoot has always been talked about almost as an exclusive of the brand without being one. It is very favorable news for us, not only at the level of Sales, which has been incredible. The success of the Crash N'Sane Trilogy has attracted a new audience, causing a snowball effect that has helped its success. "