PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will allow the creation of more dynamic and interactive worlds

A former Criterion, creators of the Burnout series, is already thinking about Sony's next machine.

In a recently published interview with UK magazine EDGE, Paul Ross talked about PlayStation 5 and the upcoming Xbox. Who is it about? He is an ex-Criterion who abandoned the creators of the Burnout series in 2014 to found his own studio that has already presented Dangerous Golf.

"With PlayStation 4 we have seen a certain fidelity in the worlds that it has put on screen, but PlayStation 5 has to offer more dynamism in its worlds, more interactive environments that are more believable in terms of their behavior," said Ross. "The physics engines haven't changed much since those of TrickStyle, they are still rigid bodies, solid objects ... This has to be a paradigm of change in the next generation. It will be about simulating physics at the molecular level, and that has been a difficult problem to solve for some time. "