PlayStation 5 will be a true next-generation console

Shawn Layden rules out following the trail of PS4 Pro with the next console.

Shawn layden, head honcho of the American division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, spoke with the German portal Golem about the brand PlayStation, the hardware of Sony and the future plans of the firm. There he highlighted that PlayStation 4 Pro "You will never have video games that don't run on PlayStation 4" and highlighted the global success of video games as Horizon: Zero Dawn. The production of Warfare it's been one of the games division's big hits in recent months.

When asked about the arrival of PS4 Pro And what would be the beginning of a business model similar to that of mobiles for the publisher, Layden was very critical: "It is the first time in the history of PlayStation that we have released an update within the life cycle of a console. Pro only offers benefits such as 4K resolution and HDR for gamers who want and can take advantage of it, as well as more stable speeds and more disk space. "

Layden explained that "the gamer who owns a PS4 has no real downsides to Pro: each of our games will continue to work on the classic PS4 and a little better on Pro." Layden confirmed to Golem that Sony's next generation, the expected and supposed Playstation 5, would not follow the hardware update system that we currently see on mobile phones, but did not want to advance any date on the replacement of PlayStation 4: "it will probably take a while yet."

PlayStation 5 is not something you Sony still like to talk: the most recent case was that of the CEO of the company, Kaz hirai, an old acquaintance of the company's gaming division, who did not want to answer any questions about what would be the hypothetical generational continuation of the family PlayStation.